The importance of Anthropological Linguistics 

 Business Communication

2SU Academy

Everyone has their own story to tell. And so far, mine has been anything but ordinary! I navigated my share of stumbling blocks along the way (especially in the early days). But there was always one constant—the drive to perfect my craft and gain the skills to become a recognized expert in the field of Anthropological Linguistic for Business and Top Sport I've never lost my desire to learn and, even now, I'm still honing my strategy with each new challenge. From now on, my mission is to help more people like you to lay the groundwork for lasting success in Intercultural Business Communication!

-Jet Waanders- 

'Your true Colours of Doing Business'

Full In-House training program for Corporate Business

This full-day workshop ( 2 X 2 days) is the definitive introduction to Anthropological Linguistics, better known as change management for Cross-Cultural Business Communication in the English language. The mission of the 2speakup Academy is to offer methods and tools of Cultural Communication in English to (international) sports world and business organizations so that sportsmen/women can get the most out of their sports career or be successful in business. We want to make managers, leaders, athletes, medical staff and trainers aware of a form of communication that has been known to everyone for a long time: namely your own communication style.

Part 1: Be warmed up! 

- Personal Well Being in Communication
- Communication as personal care
- Intra-cultural Communication
- Sameness & Assumptions
- Personalities around the globe

- Meet & Greet phoning

Part 2: You are presenting...

- The Kiss-Concept
- Your competence
- Non-verbal communication
- Europe vs the World
- The world's finest touchers
- Your intercultural presentation

Part 3: Cross-Cultural Meetings

- Hosting a cross-cultural meeting
- Punctuality around the world
- WorldWide greetings behaviour
- The cross-cultural meeting protocol

- The perfect spot...

Part 4: Relationship Building

- Building international relationships
- Corporate Etiquette
- Corporate Socializing
- Gift Giving
- Saying 'NO' and Saving face

- Negotiation Etiquette

Learning objectives:

After the 2SpeakUp training, you will have a much better understanding of the elusiveness of the world and the different ‘culture-styles’ with respect to communication. When you speak our language and have a better understanding of the Cultural Communication phenomenon, there is a good chance that you can steer your organization and people in the desired direction and that your business communication is up to par. It may be a challenging process, but with the ancient and wise teachings of foreign peoples and global communication, it will be an energizing experience which will bring substantial benefits!