Inclusion in International Business

Be the conductor...

By tuning in to each other you will make more informed decisions, set goals and be able to adapt to any (work) situation. 

Surround yourself with people who challenge you in every possible way and create inclusion in your international business. 

Musical Brain Gym...

Using the power of music 
In Cultural Diverse Communication

Musical Brain Gym can often be used to facilitate communication skills with teams and individuals. Culturally Diverse Workplaces with Communication disorders may benefit in many ways. Singing involves speech, language, auditory memory, pitch matching and fluency. So conduct your (sport) team by our 2speakup training programme.

This will affect the ability to communicate and respond to others. The research found that music can be used to connect the auditory and motor sections of the brain. In this way, the parts of our brain needed for communication are strengthened and reinforced.