Our Clients

Anthropological Linguistics applied to top sport and Business organizations provide a new perspective on reality with its own set of interventions. The anthropological communication thoughts provide insight into and tools for better communication within a variety of cultural organizations and environments. We provide these trainings for a number of worldwide oriented companies and sport clubs. 

2 SU ACademy

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

We fly directly from Amsterdam to 150 destinations worldwide. In our world we cross borders and communicate in various different languages worldwide. 

Mercedes Benz Nederland

Mercedes Benz- Wensink

Passenger cars and vans, buses, trucks (such as the Mercedes-Benz Unimog) and aircraft are produced under the Mercedes-Benz brand. Mercedes-Benz also owns Maybach and Smart, among others. It is also the major shareholder of the new Formula 1 team Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team in the 2010 season.


Plantosys Plantversterking

We are a young, innovative company that translates knowledge, experience and inventive ideas into practical solutions for the agriculture and horticulture sectors. We have developed several plant-enhancing fertilisers that have been tested on various crops and production systems and brought to market.

Ajax Football Club

Ajax Football Club Amsterdam

Amsterdamsche Football Club "Ajax", simply AFC Ajax or simply Ajax, is a Dutch professional football club from Amsterdam. The club was founded on March 18, 1900 and is one of the three traditional top clubs in the Netherlands.


Van Happen Containers Eindhoven

Van Happen pays attention to reducing its own environmental footprint. We reduce our own CO2 emissions with paperless transport, mobile on-board computers and digital invoicing. We achieve economical driving through further training for our drivers. By continuously updating our fleet, we drive with the cleanest, quietest and most efficient engines. The use of extra long trucks (LHVs), extended containers and automated route planning reduce the number of kilometers driven per order.


Locatus Nederland

Our data helps you to
choose or invest in the right retail locations
Locatus collects information about stores, shopping areas and footfall. Our surveyors constantly gather the most up-to-date data, which you can use to support your decisions about store locations and retail real estate.


Voskamp Group B.V. 

Voskamp Beveiligingstechniek is a nationally recognized security company with a regional character and locations in Amersfoort, Almelo, Eindhoven and Zwolle. We stand for quality, personal contact and professional care. With well-trained employees, advanced technology and excellent cooperation partners, we offer a suitable solution for every security issue. Due to Brexit we are more oriented on British suppliers, therefore we want to become more aware of cultural differences and communication.


André de La Porte Packaging

Machine downtime can have enormous consequences. André de la Porte Packaging offers customized maintenance and service and distinguishes itself by regularly offering innovative solutions that contribute to process improvement and cost reduction at the customer.


Prolenco B.V. Deventer

Prolenco is a solution-oriented and independent technical consultancy. With our total concepts in consultancy, engineering and project management, we optimize the efficiency of industrial and process automation. Also for new construction projects, expansion of facilities and capacity increase, we have in-house specialists who can guide and take care of the entire process from idea to design and from realization to commissioning.


Accell Group

Accell Group focuses on the mid-range and higher segments of the market for bicycles and bicycle parts and accessories. We are the European market leader in e-bikes and the European number two player in bicycle parts and accessories. Well-known bicycle brands in our portfolio include Babboe, Batavus, Ghost, Haibike, Koga, Lapierre, Raleigh, Sparta and Winora. XLC is our exclusive brand for bicycle parts and accessories.


Herome Cosmetics

Herôme – Leading in the field of hand and nail care
Welcome to Herôme! The market leader in the Netherlands in the field of natural nail care. The owner, Margreet van Roemburg, found a solution for soft and splitting nails during her holiday in 1982. With that she went to work and built up a large international company. With this her starting point is; beautiful hands and nails are possible for everyone. Especially the “nail hardener in the blue box” for long and strong nails is famous worldwide.




The textile industry is on the move, and so are its consumers. New technologies, better machinery, fashion trends: they’re all game-changers. Textile players that keep up all have one thing in common. They don’t live up to standards- instead they set their own.

We are a group of enthusiastic science lovers who add value to your fabrics and help you optimise your production processes.


Devobo Forest Service B.V.

Forest and landscapes form the lungs of the earth. The "Green Space" filters air and offers humans and animals the most physiological need: oxygen. Maintenance of the "Green Space" must therefore be done in a sustainable and responsible manner.

The "Green Space" offers us wood as well as oxygen; a basic raw material that is used in a huge number of products. Forest and landscapes are also a source to meet the need for biofuels. Top and branch wood (wood chips / chunks), piece of wood are streams that can be used excellently for CO2-neutral energy generation.


Burgemeester Vastgoed

“Keep calm and just do it”

I have extensive experience in finding exquisite and exclusive homes for my expat clients in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. This experience is particularly useful for my clients given the current state of the Amsterdam property market. It’s currently often only possible to make closed bids on properties, this, in turn, is leading to some people overpaying in the heat of the moment.


Kasper Not

The practice is characterized by its approachability and ‘no nonsense’ attitude. This means that we not only serve the major and wealthy clients, but above all the private individuals who would like to set up their own company, buy a house or those who would like to draw up their will. Our practice therefore includes all aspects of the notarial profession, including those of real estate, family law (estate planning) and corporate law.



What started with a small club has grown into an international print platform with a crew of more than 130 print nerds. We continue to build the ultimate platform every day from our locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and soon also France. The print nerds all work from their own specialty: the artisan screen printer, the creative paper artist, the loving customer agent and the technical product engineer. Everyone in our crew has one thing in common: the passion for print. Are you watching?


Hamstra & Partners

Hamstra & Partners is a fast growing consulting firm specialising in reward issues (compensation & benefits) and organisation design. Our activities range from short and long term advisory projects to in-house consulting and recruitment and selection for permanent compensation & benefits positions. Hamstra & Partners’ employers include HR managers at large and medium-sized businesses - both national and international – across a wide range of sectors.