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Anthropological Linguistics 

We have developed new Workplace English usage for group processes. This new way of intercultural communication is necessary to get to the bottom of the conscious and unconscious processes in groups. Everything you do and say is part of that group process and therefore it plays an immediate role within the group. This element is already a tricky issue in your own language, but when the common language in your business is English, this issue will be even harder to tackle.
 Emotions do not only lie within you as an individual, they also play a role in the group. When this role gets out there on its own in the form of a ‘text’, when someone speaks the words of this text, this information will become available to the group consciousness. Everyone will start playing active roles, in other words, they engage with the ideas, emotions and archetypes mentioned 

Corporate Business Coaching

Roles that have not been given a ‘voice’ yet, will, therefore, linger in the unconscious process of the group, not everyone is aware of them yet. The roles are there, we just don’t see and hear them.
The Cultural Workplace English training we have developed will give the roles fluidity. As a result, these roles will merge more harmoniously by means of setting the proper ‘English’ tone. Contrasts, opinions and thoughts merge more easily which makes it possible to combine ‘communication problems in cultural diversity’ from different angles. 

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the better you understand yourself, the easier it will be to profile yourself in your team, your organisation and the international business world. What Workplace English skills do you need to develop to discover and use your ‘hidden’ Business English potential? 

Cultural Diversity in Business English

Workplace English from an intercultural perspective... 

The key to handling diversity in your business and opposing views successfully lies not so much in the differences, but in the dynamic that arises from these differences.

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By tuning in to each other you will make more informed decisions, set goals and be able to adapt to any (work) situation. 
Surround yourself with people who challenge you in every possible way and create inclusion in your international business.